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Corpse Reviver #1904: A Hangover Curative 2634 3951 Baltimore Spirits Co.

Corpse Reviver #1904: A Hangover Curative

This spirit can be enjoyed before a meal or after dinner.

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Lovely Rita 2674 4016 Baltimore Spirits Co.

Lovely Rita

BRANDY Lovely Rita JUMP TO RECIPE   SHARE: INGREDIENTS 2 oz Fumus Pumila 1 oz Lime juice .5 oz Simple syrup .5 oz Solera Orange…

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Epoch Rye Old Fashioned 1000 600 Baltimore Spirits Co.

Epoch Rye Old Fashioned

The Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail (the drink’s full name) is the primordial drink, dating from the earliest days of the cocktail era.

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BSC (Ramos) Gin Fizz 3786 5679 Baltimore Spirits Co.

BSC (Ramos) Gin Fizz

GIN BSC (Ramos) Gin Fizz JUMP TO RECIPE   SHARE: INGREDIENTS 1 oz TWBC gin 1 oz Prichard’s Sweet Lucy Cream 1 oz Lemon juice…

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