1904 Apple Brandy Liqueur

From the Ashes Rose a Greater City

An Ode to Resilience

In 1904, a raging fire tore through and burnt down 80 blocks of Baltimore City (including the Roxbury Rye Distilling Company offices). What followed is less about the destruction and much more about the resilience of Baltimore. The rebuilding of the city was about optimism for the future, and Baltimore has been defined by hope in the face of adversity since.

To Sip or Mix

1904 is an indulgent liqueur worthy of neat sipping or adding to your cocktailing color palette. First, a base of house made Apple Brandy is distilled over ginger, coriander, and orange peel. The resulting infused spirit is proofed down and sweetened with raw sugar, molasses, and the same apple juice from which the brandy was originally made. The result is a complex, mouth coating liqueur unlike any other.

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