1904 Milk Punch

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1904 Milk Punch

Do you want to get weird? Because we’re getting weird. Today on No Tips Required we’re making a MILK PUNCH cocktail. Do it yourself and make it with us! This is an absolutely foolproof method to make perfectly clear, yet creamy, Milk Punch.



1.5oz 1904

.5oz Don Ciccio Cinque Amaro

1/8oz Lemon Juice

1.5oz Whole Milk


Mix first three ingredients together, and pour milk in a separate glass.

Slowly drizzle the mixture into the milk, gently mix, and let large curdles form.

Pour the curdled mixture through a coffee filter (this could take 30 minutes, watch video for more detail).

Stir the resulting (clear!) cocktail over ice, then strain into an ice filled glass.

Garnish with an expressed orange peel and enjoy

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