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The cultural heart of the only state that refused to enforce prohibition, Baltimore was home to the most famous speakeasies and infamous bootleggers. While the police and the government looked the other way, the Shot Tower stood over the city as a beacon for the free spirited. From the Wet City in the Free State comes the first gin (legally) distilled in Baltimore since Prohibition.

Shot Tower Gin: American Dry, Barrel Aged, and Skeleton Spirit

American Dry at its Finest

Shot Tower Gin is both brand new and familiar. Jasmine flower and big green tea notes shine through the citrus and juniper, creating a gin that expresses wonderfully in cocktails. Bottled at 100 proof, you don’t need to worry about it getting lost in the mix. A creative mixologist’s gin through and through.

Barreled Shot Tower Gin spends 9 months developing in used Epoch Rye barrels. The curaçao orange interacts with the barrel’s acidity, resulting in notes of candied lemons. Vanilla, caramel, and oak are given from the charred barrel, and a little Rye spice from the whiskey. Bottled at 100 proof.

The Skeleton Spirit Gin is truly a spirit for the World’s Most Adventurous Gin Drinkers. Eucalyptus, Aloe Vera, and Avocado Leaf highlight this Botanical Gin unlike any other. Are you brave enough to sip its ghostly hue?

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