Epoch Rye Whiskey

See why Epoch Rye redefines expectations for craft whiskey

The Spirit That Made Rye Famous

Before the age of column stills, when Rye Whiskey took America by storm (the first time), Rye was made by Scottish and Irish settlers in Maryland using ancestral methods brought over from Europe. Now a near extinct spirit, Epoch Rye brings back this low rectification, pot-distilled spirit in modern form, calling back to Maryland’s earliest Rye Whiskey heritage. A new Epoch of Rye Whiskey has arrived.

How to get it

Epoch Reserve and Epoch Rye Jerry Thomas Edition are available throughout Maryland in local liquor stores, and always from the distillery. Limited versions can sometimes be found at the distillery, including via the Blend-Your-Own-Whiskey tours. In 2023 Epoch Rye will begin to be available in states beyond the boarders of Maryland.

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