An Open Book

Speaking Volumes

Amaro is a category for the creative: steeped in tradition, but open ended. Our Amari tell our story. The flavor profiles are a reflection of our sensibilities without compromise. They are our autobiographies, with more to be written.

A Breadth of Expression

Spanning three volumes, our Amaro all begin with traditional style markers, but they all make their own departure. Our Fernet is deep and rich from it’s time in a used Rye barrel, but fresher and less medicinal than others. The Szechuan Amaro is light bodied, fruity, and approachable, but would numb your mouth in volume. The third volume, Coffee, is chocolaty and familiar, but carries with it unexpectedly earth tea notes. They are all familiar but excitingly new to the Amaro imbiber.

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Great Cocktails

Lover’s Bite 1200 800 Baltimore Spirits Co.

Lover’s Bite

This stirred cocktail is a complex sipper, sure to set an intimate mood.

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Faint of Heart 2570 3923 Baltimore Spirits Co.

Faint of Heart

AMARO Faint of Heart JUMP TO RECIPE   SHARE: INGREDIENTS 1 oz Baltamaro Vol 1: Fernet .75 oz Ratafia black walnut liqueur .75 oz Cocchi…

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The Tourist 1000 600 Baltimore Spirits Co.

The Tourist

This spirit can be enjoyed before a meal or after dinner.

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