Fumus Pumila

The Coming Together of Two Great Distilling Traditions

Mezcal Style Apple Brandy

North America has a number of great distilling traditions, but only in Fumus Pumila have Northeastern Apple Brandy and Mezcal been joined. Inspired by the rich smokey spirit from our southern brethren, Fumus Pumila ferments and distills smoked apples in lieu of agave for a one of a kind spirit that’s both reverent of tradition, as well as strikingly new.

Familiar and Brand New

Fermented in wooden vats on smoked apple pommace, Fumus Pumila is double copper pot distilled. The spirit is diluted to proof with the end runs of the second distillation and never watered down: a process unique to Mezcal. By sticking close to these traditional Mezcal production techniques, we create a spirit that’s not just a smoked apple brandy, but a spirit that truly carries with it the expressive qualities of a Mezcal.

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