Green is Gold

Unique Expressions of the Oldest American Spirit

Year into Year

The Green is Gold Apple Brandy is a distillery exclusive. Made only once a year, this expression is a tribute to the earliest American spirit, elegantly produced with meticulous attention. Each years expression contains within the bottle a bit from every batch ever distilled. Ever evolving, never disappointing, this spirit is worth traveling for.

Solera Aging

Each batch of Green is Gold begins as raw, east coast apple juice, fermented in wooden vats on its own pomace. Double distilled with a ‘heart of hearts’ cut, it begins aging in a used Rye whiskey barrel. Each year, the limited spirit we will bottle is pulled from a French Oak used Port barrel, leaving about 1/3 of the barrel full. The next oldest barrel is used to fill up for next year’s release, and down the line it goes, until the new spirit tops up the youngest barrel. Each release holds a mix of all previous releases.

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